SkyExtender Series

SkyExtender Series

Multi-Hop Broadband Wireless Base Station

The SkyExtender™ series is a high capacity base stations that incorporates point-to-point backhaul, point-to-multipoint base station, and multi-hop relay device into a single device capable of fulfilling multiple roles to maximize deployment flexibility. SkyExtender devices expand the network by creating a flexible, robust multi-hop topology that offers carrier-class reliability through dynamic best-path routing, self healing, and adaptive modulation.

SkyExtender devices are available in DualBand and TriBand models to offer one or two integrated client access bands for serving various public and municipal applications. The versatile SkyExtender series allows service providers and municipalities to achieve unprecedented return on investment by deploying multiple private and public sector services over a common network, including the support of public Wi-Fi access, first responders, and mobile agency staff communications, all while seamlessly managing wireless backhaul traffic.

SkyExtender Features
  • Robust mesh backhaul serves multiple applications over one wireless infrastructure
  • SyncMesh intelligence optimizes RF performance and available bandwidth
  • Lower OpEx through auto-provisioning, configuration, and self-healing mesh advantages
  • DualBand and TriBand options support 2.4 GHz and 4.9 GHz client services
  • End to end QoS to support converged voice, data and video
  • Hybrid network ready for citywide municipal and service provider deployments
SkyExtender Plus Features

    The SkyExtender Plus has all of the same features as the standard SkyExtender but with a few specific hardware enhancements designed to help performance in harsher outdoor environments:

  • Enhanced GPS receiver improves GPS signal reception sensitivity by 10 dB, resulting in a stronger and more reliable GPS signal.
  • Higher transmit power helps consistently establish high modulation links even over long distances. With an additional 3 dB gain, the SkyExtender Plus has a maximum peak transmit power of 30 dBm.
  • Improved antenna isolation enhances external- and self-interference mitigation by providing up to 40 dB of adjacent sector isolation, which limits the effect of unwanted signals on adjacent sectors from impacting the reception of the intended signal on the sector in use.
  • Improved Surge Suppression provides 100 amps of lightning protection.